The Benefits of Investing in Gold

Today’s roller coaster stock and real estate markets have forced many investors to seek alternatives to the more traditional investment options of stocks, bonds, mutual funds, and property. One such choice that has benefitted numerous investors for many years is gold.

Although gold has also been known to move up and down in value over time, this metal has actually outperformed the stock market for the major portion of the past four decades. It has also turned out to offer more value to investors than currency and real estate as well.

Why Consider Gold in an Investment Portfolio?

Gold can offer many reasons for people to invest. Some of the key advantages of owning gold include:

  • Scarcity – One of the biggest reasons that gold carries so much value is due to its scarcity. Just like other types of tangible assets, there is only a finite amount of gold available. This scarcity can increase demand – and therefore, value – exponentially.
  • Demand – There is also a great demand for gold. This metal is used in many different industries, such as in the production of electronic equipment, as well as for jewelry. Just as with any other type of supply-demand equation, when demand for an item is high, its value is also likely to be increased as well.
  • Performance – For many centuries, gold has been sought by investors for its high growth potential. This increase is expected to continue over time.
  • Inflation – Gold can also offer investors a nice hedge against inflation. This is because gold has the ability to maintain – and even increase – its value, regardless of what occurs with the stock market or the overall economy.
  • Private – In many instances, the purchase of gold is not recorded. This means that an investor can take advantage of the increase in gold’s value, without any public knowledge of his or her ownership of the metal.

Types of Gold Investing Accounts

When investing in gold, as well as in other types of precious metals, there are several different account options from which investors can choose. First, it is possible to simply purchase physical gold bars and coins outright. When an investor does so, he or she should be sure that they have a safe and secure place to store their investment in order to reduce the likelihood of theft or damage.

Investors may also opt to open a gold IRA. With this type of account, not only will the investor be able to participate in the tremendous growth potential of their investment, but they will also receive the tax advantages such as tax-deferred growth that are allowed through IRA investing.

How to Get Started

Getting started with investment in gold can be quite simple. There are many companies in the marketplace today through which investors may purchase gold and other metals via telephone or online transactions.

When doing so, however, it is important to ensure that investors are working with reputable metals companies. Sticking with a top rated company such as Regal Assets can give investors the confidence to proceed with many types of gold investing – regardless of whether they are a new or experienced metals buyer.

Accounts can typically be opened through downloadable forms on the company’s website. In addition, investors can also obtain a great deal of education through the company’s gold buying kit (free to website visitors who request this information), as well as via the firm’s trained customer service representatives.

Today, gold may be just the right investment to add to a portfolio mix, ensuring both stability and long-term growth opportunity. By purchasing gold directly or through a gold IRA, investors will be well on their way to a secure future retirement.

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