Introduction to a Gold IRA Rollover

Today’s volatile stock market has led many investors to seek investment alternatives other than stocks, bonds, and mutual funds. One option that has served investors well over time is gold. This precious metal can be purchased in a number of different ways, as well as via various types of accounts. One such account is a gold IRA.

How a Gold IRA Rollover Works

When gold is held in a gold IRA account, it is typically a physical product that is placed in a vault and managed by the IRA custodian’s company. This type of storage can help to keep the gold safe from damage or theft.

To initiate a gold IRA rollover, an investor should seek advice from a specialist company in this field that can offer information on converting some or all of one’s current IRA or 401(k) dollars into gold holdings.

Investors can open either a traditional or a Roth IRA account in which to hold the gold investments. In either case, however, the IRA must be termed as “self-directed.” Typically, the investment company that the investor is opening the account with will process all of the necessary paperwork, as well as conduct the rollover of the actual funds from the investor’s prior IRA custodian.

Once the funds have been rolled over into the new gold IRA account, the investor can begin to allocate monies into the gold and other precious metals that he or she wishes to invest in. When these metals purchases have been completed, the IRA account custodian will be responsible for holding the physical metals until the investor decides to sell or take possession of them.

How to Choose the Best Gold IRA Rollover Company

When choosing the best gold IRA rollover company, an investor should take several important steps prior to settling on the company through which they will make their investments. These steps should include:

  • Research Gold IRA Companies – Investors should ideally take part in researching several of the top companies in this particular marketplace prior to making their ultimate decision. This research should entail conducting an online search to get an idea of what types of products and other amenities each company offers. In addition, customer service offerings is also an important factor.
  • Read the Company Reviews – Reading the company reviews will also help an investor to get a good idea of how different gold IRA companies operate, as well as what their customers think about their service and product selection. It is essential to read all of the company reviews – both positive and negative – in order to get a truer feel for a company’s actual manner of operation.
  • Decide on the Ideal Company – Once the various companies have been researched and reviews have been read, it will be easy to pare down the short list of potential companies to go with. One gold IRA firm that should be at the top of investors’ lists is Regal Assets. This company has been serving investors in the gold IRA rollover marketplace quite well – and in turn has received high rankings from agencies such as and the . Such ratings should factor highly into an investor’s decision regarding whether to pass on a company or move forward with opening an IRA account and making profitable investments.

The completion of a gold IRA rollover can provide investors with the potential to grow their portfolio with physical metals assets that have the potential to offer a nice opportunity for appreciation, along with portfolio diversity. Such assets can also help in safeguarding the portfolio’s assets against inflation. This can help in protecting the investor’s financial assets in both the short- and long-term time horizons.

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